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---Flood Damaged Electronics and automobiles--- 

See Application Note 41


Former customers of Personal Computing Tools

---when it was located either in Los Gatos, CA, or in Hingham, Mass,---

Please contact Betty Gordon at: (905) 508-7500


Our customers have been calling our attention to a company who states That "TWEEK is dead" and offering their Contact "Conditioner" as essentially the same as Tweek.

I am sure that many people have been cautioned against purchasing "Fakes". Nonetheless it still happens.

There are several things you can do to protect yourself against "fake" products. 

1) The product must have a Material Safety Data Sheet available. This is mandatory in the United States and Canada.

2) The Label must clearly state that a MSDS is available.

3) If the product that it is supposed to replace bears a patent number then it is protected against Patent Infringement by anyone else who offers a "Identical" product with the same essential formulation as our product.

4) Any person who has purchased any form of Stabilant, will see that the patent number is on the Packaging as well as being on the Bottle.

When SUMICO started to repackage Stabilant under license from Dayton Wright Labs, we had not been granted a Patent. At the time we were granted a patent, we notified SUMICO.

As we could not alter the labels on bottles that had already been sold to distributors, we could do nothing at that time. But we reserved the right to act against any new distributor who repackaged our material, without written authorization from us. We have NEVER granted a new repackaging license as, without having our own Quality Assurance records on file, we would not be able to track the parts and the products that we use in the production of Stabilants. If any person can take he time to examine our MSDS's, we have to be very thorough and we disclose everything. In addition, we verify the delivery on any urgent order. We have some cases where it is a case of an AIG (Aircraft On Ground) situation or a production holdup.

Under ISO 9001 This a mandatory requirement!

Over a period of several years, anyone who reads a newspaper or watches TV, must be aware of the scandal caused by the reselling of substandard or rejected aircraft parts as "new". 

As we supply the Military, Defense contractors, Airframe Manufacturers, Hospitals, Scanning Equipment used for Diagnostics in Hospitals, guarding our reputation is an essential part of our business. I believe that any reasonable person who reads this will understand our concern!

Please notify us by E-Mail at: if you see any such claim.





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The company was established in 1986. While it was begun in 1976, as Wright Electroacoustics, it was based on the R&D work of Wm. M. D. Wright. After several years of field trials, the final product, STABILANT 22 was introduced as TWEEK , by Sumiko.

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Description: Bottles of StabilantIt was first tested for defense use in 1983 at The Canadian Forces Establishment, Cold Lake, Alberta and was issued a NATO number for use as a "Contact enhancer " NSCM - Cage Code/NATO Supplier Code - 38948

All listings here are for the 15 ml Sizes

Stabilant 22 (concentrate) 5999-21-909-9981

Stabilant 22 A (Isopropanol Diluted) 5999-21-900-6937

Stabilant 22 E (Ethanol Diluted ) 5999-21-909-9984

Other sizes from 0.5 ml to 1 Liter are available - some shipping restrictions are imposed that are dependent on the size and diluant used.


    Due to a change in international regulations which with we had to comply, any Stabilant that uses solvent as a diluant (thinner), will cause an unavoidable increase in price; as the amount of the basic concentrate has gone up. We have no control over matters such as this. So far it affects Canada and some of the US states. However we are informed that the intent is to make it world wide.

    (Remember that the cost of the thinner is very much less that the cost of the concentrate.)

    As the intent is standardization of the amount of Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC), permitted world wide, this will affect our basic price. As an example most of our lables have to be changed to reflect the new standards. We are informed that we might be able to comply by attaching an 'over label'. As this is only a stopgap solution, it might be possible. However we have to allow for unexpected changes in these International Standards.

Refer to Sizes and Packaging
Refer to Labeling

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\Desktop\bccomp_files\skillscan.gifORDERING

    Call or fax the company (we do not accept e-mail orders) first. Please give the intended usage of the Stabilant material. Then we can decide whether it is necessary to pass you on to one of our numerous dealers, distributors or handle your order directly. When we require payment by letter of credit, money order, bank draft or money order, please note that our invoicing is what we expect to be paid. Any fees charged by any financial institution must be paid by the customer. If customers pay us, and we find that any such institution has charged us any fee, we reserve the right to bill the customer for the fee plus $50 US for handling.

    We regret having to make this so plain, but in the years we have been in business, we have had to write off so many of such charges, that we cannot afford to cover these fees!

    Some types of usage may require the help of one of our technical staff who are ready to provide assistance.

    Please tell us whether you require a "Certificate of Origin", a "Quality Assurance Certificate", a "Certificate of Shelf life" or a MSDS, either from us or one of our distributors. This information will assist our staff.

Description: Betty_ Gordon    If there is any special requirement, contact Betty Gordon, our International Marketing Manager at (905) 508-7500.

Company address:

D. W. Electrochemicals Ltd.
3-97 Newkirk Road (North)
Richmond Hill, ON L4C-3G4, CANADA

Phone: (905) 508-7500
Fax: (905) 508-7502


Note: Please make sure that any e-mail that you send, lists the field of your interest! For example: manufacturing, distribution, automotive, biomedical, small business, private sale, and similar. We also need your city/town - state/province, and country. We would also appreciate a telephone number where you can be reached. With this information it will be much easier to connect you with one of our distributors if it is needed.

We NEVER compile mailing lists of our customers for outside sale!

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