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Markham, Ontario


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Effectiveness of Stabilant 22


Stabilant 22 is an electronic contact treatment solution, manufactured and sold by D.W. Electrochemicals for over 40 years.


The following is the original Note, written by William Michael Wright, founder of D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd. and Wright Electroacoustics and the inventor of Stabilant 22.

How effective is Stabilant 22?

It should come as no surprise that the most efficient way of determining the effectiveness of the Stabilants is by thorough field testing. In only this way can the in-situ performance of a new technology be tested.


If contact enhancement could be demonstrated in the lab by existing standardized test methods and techniques, there would be no need for Stabilants at all; for the existing technology would have been able to solve the many diverse problems with low signal level / low voltage contacts.


At the same time, one must recognize the fact that, apart from the protection afforded by the issued and pending patents, of necessity we reserve the right to avoid anything which would reveal any trade secrets, and we are the only ones who can make that determination.


Our policy is to decide, on a case-by-case examination, just how much we can reveal.


This is compounded by the fact that we either have an equipment manufacturer's data at hand or can infer from that same data, just what problems the manufacturer is having with his contacts. We have, therefore, to be extremely circumspect at all times! Quite often there may be a number of competing manufacturers who are using our product to gain a competitive advantage.


We have to apologize, in advance, to any person, manufacturer, or evaluating laboratory who may find our answers evasive at any time. We have to protect our technology! Nevertheless, we have tried to provide, in our Application Notes and Technical Notes, a reasonable guide to the use of the product.

Wherever it is possible, we will attempt to locate some end user of our product which may be able to provide some use related data to any prospective customer's laboratory. To be fair to our customers, these instances will be limited in number. In all cases we will first contact our customer before their name is passed on and again in all cases, we will ask the prospective user to contact our customer directly in order to allow the free exchange of information. We respect our customer's right to make their own decisions as to how much information they may be willing to divulge.


In cases where there is a legitimate need for samples of any of our materials, we will be glad to provide them. Where necessary, we might ask the customer to pay the shipping costs.


Where buyers have retained consultants to do an evaluation of Stabilants on their behalf, there is an obvious problem. We pride ourselves and our personnel on our discretion. As we supply many companies, government contractors and government agencies, in the U.S., Canada and other NATO areas, we work with their security staff to report any possible attempts to ascertain who we supply and in what quantities. This includes any attempts to breach our security or the security of our customers.


We are sure that our customers are aware that there is an increasing amount of industrial espionage taking place, both in the U.S. and Canada. Much of it is on behalf of companies located elsewhere in the world. There have also been companies that have attempted to duplicate our product or create analogues of it. As we spent over 25 years developingStabilant 22 and potential variants of it and have an impeccable track record, we will regard any attempt to breach our or our customer's confidentiality as a very serious matter.


We trust you understand our position.

Wm. M. Wright, President,

D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd.

NATO Identification for military procurement

CAGE (NATO Supplier Code) for D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd: 38948

  • 5ml Stabilant 22 (Concentrate)  NATO Stock Number 5999-20-002-1112

  • 15ml Stabilant 22 (Concentrate)   NATO Stock Number 5999-21-909-9981

  • 15ml Stabilant 22A (Isopropanol Diluted)   NATO Stock Number 5999-21-900-6937

  • 15ml Stabilant 22E (Ethanol Diluted)   NATO Stock Number 5999-21-909-9984

Stabilant products are patented. Because the patents cover contacts treated with the material a Point-of-Sale license is granted with each sale of the material



This data has been supplied for information purposes only. While to our knowledge it is accurate, users should determine the suitability of the material for their application by running their own tests. Neither D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd., their distributors, or their dealers assume any responsibility or liability for damages to equipment and/or consequent damages, howsoever caused, based on the use of this information. This document is based on the work of William M. Wright, with updates by D.W.E. staff and including publicly available data from industry and customers.


Stabilant, Stabilant 22, and product type variations thereof are Trademarks of D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd. © Copyright 2023 - D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd. Printed in Canada

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